Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Friday, 25 March 2011

cape town pride


pride was early, we were late. late for two trains... being a bit desperate we tried hitching for 3 minutes - but we knew it's just not gonna happen. called some friends, got a lift to plumstead, changed from the car to a bus on the traffic lights and enjoyed the ride on main road (which stretches all the way from the cape through muizenberg, retreat, plumstead, etc etc to the main station in the centre of cape town). from then on we got a taxi - which here is not a cab but a small private run minibus network. picks and drops you off anywhere on it's route. honks a lot. first time was a bit scary but i've learnt to enjoy the experience since :)





there was a counter 'protest' too, consisting of two groups with two-three people each. as close to a westboro baptist church experience as i ever got! nowhere nearly as entertaining though, a bit sad and boring to be honest.




the sun was unbelievable, making everything even more surreal than it was. sometimes it just felt like being in an aphex twin video (windowlicker anyone?).
there was a fairly big presence of "would jesus discriminate?" folks too, unfortunately no clashes with the wannabe-westboro kru - THAT would make for quite some photos, eh?







 all in all it was pretty gay and pretty entertaining. we were thinking of being a two person black block but we couldn't find any pink material to make an anarcho-queer flag so i settled on taking pictures and drinking wine from a brown paper bag (which, like going to pride, was a first for me). after the march there was a party of sorts under the stadium - nothing special to be honest, felt like it wasn't flamboyant enough and a bit too flamboyant at the same time. i guess uniting under the flag of mainstream/pop culture will never be my cup of coffee.

Monday, 21 March 2011




goodbye, london. part #2


last saturday night in london started off in a fairly familiar way - there *is* some kind of party somewhere but it either gets cancelled, shut down or is in wembley, west of kingston or some other ridiculous place not really reachable via public transport.
'round 3am i get a phonecall... "what are you up to? there's a party in hackney wick"
"are you fo real? what kind of party"
"yeah, it's... weird"
"be there in 15 minutes" 



after getting there we finally found out what kind of "weird" was it.
hipster party.
i'm not sure if it was a squat (doubt it really) but the entrance door was open and there totally was a party on the top floor, totally unlicensed (i guess even hipsters want to party and have a smoke without having to go outside). never seen so many people wearing glassess on the same dancefloor. despicable music. huge novelty value, but that runs out quickly... saved by good ol' homebrew we stayed a couple of hours.



around dawn we found our way out and headed home via victoria park.



two days later it was time to head off to the airport..